Claus-Stefan Duffner - Digital Transformation Coach

"Create your scalable digital heart business through digital transformation!"

Claus-Stefan Duffner
Digital Transformation Coach

Are you experiencing this?

  • Do you feel like you only work to exchange time for money?
  • Everything around you is going faster and faster?
  • Many things are getting digitilized, and the old and familiar is disappearing
  • You are wondering where you are and how you can become visible online
  • … and can I do that at all?

I am Claus-Stefan!

I will help you digitilize your business and find your digital niche. I will draft a digital transformation plan with you and will guide you through the process until you reach your goal. You will become more familiar with a world that may be new to you and keep an overview at all times. Here you can listen to my podcast.

I have enjoyed working with people and developing new ideas together for over 22 years.  In 1997, I founded the company ISDD GmbH with a friend in Schönwald in the Black Forest. Together, we created websites for communities, companies and hotels, as well as for an online shop for a cuckoo clock manufacturer. In 2004, we fortuitously got the internet address We received an offer for this address of 10.000$ from a US-company. I casually told my wife about this at dinner. She said: “Stop – we are in the birthplace of the cuckoo clock – you have already programmed an online shop for a cuckoo clock manufacturer – and you have the internet address – we are creating our own cuckoo clock online shop! So we created our own cuckoo clock online shop and have successfully digitilized this business. Our shop is now available in 11 languages and we are represented worldwide also through Amazon and Ebay. Now, I am excited to share my experience and skills with you to help you start or digitally transform your business.

Claus-Stefan Duffner - Digital Transformation Coach



  • Successfully digitized more than 300 companies
  • 23 years of expierence in the IT
  • Owner and CEO of ISDD GmbH since 1997
  • Graduated in 1999 from Furtwangen University (Germany) in Computer Science – Business Information Systems, academic degree: Diplom-Informatiker (FH)
  • Head of IT Infrastructure at an international automotive supplier group since 1999
  • 24 Microsoft Certificates in the areas of client, server, infrastructure, security, virtualization, licensing and cloud, as well as other certificates from Cisco and Sophos
  • Expert knowledge in the areas of Internet, WordPress, Microsoft 365, Amazon FBA, Amazon Global Selling, online marketing and social media
  • Podcaster in Germany
  • Ongoing training and interest in new technologies
  • Mindset: Advanced Student Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Happily married for over 20 years, father of one daughter
  • Passionate jogger and skier
My acquired certificates and passed exams:

Claus-Stefan Duffner
Schwarzwaldstr. 7
78141 Schönwald

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Claus-Stefan Duffner - Digital Transformation Coach