#55 Part 2: How can we receive actionable information from the quantum field? Interview with Dr. Roy Martina


I am so honored and happy to have in my Episode No. 55 Dr. Roy Martina as my guest, he is a bestselling Author and Quantum Trainer.

How did you discover that it is even possible to receive actionable information?

Channeling is just one way how we can connect to the field. Becuase we did 10 years of research, we discovered new things. When we are connected to the quantum field we get different information than what we get from teachers or from gurus. We discovered so many different things.

What other ways of channeling exist?

Another way of automatic channeling is automatic writing. I can just take a pen and paper and write. For so many people they may have messages for the world. There are so many books to be written. If you know how to channel, they can use you to write their book.

Why is the course so cheap, it is a 100 day course that changes so many lives?

You get every day a practical video and every week a theory video. We have also added another 14 days as bonus. We want people to be very knowledgable about channeling. The goal of the course is not to make money. The course has been created in the assignment of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla came to me in a guided meditation and he said: „I’m looking for people to bring my inventions back to the world. Some people I want to use do not have enough money for the course.“

Quantum Extra Sensory Perception Masterclass Online Course
A Search for Valuable Information in the 5-Dimensional Quantum Field Under the Direction & Guidance of Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

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